Technology and Platform

MetaWealth leverages the Ethereum blockchain to tokenize and fractionalize real-world assets (RWAs), providing a secure and transparent platform for real estate investment. Ethereum's robust infrastructure offers the foundation for MetaWealth's innovative approach, with its smart contract capabilities enabling the automation of transactions and asset management. This section explores the key technological aspects of Ethereum that MetaWealth utilizes: scalability, security, and the consensus mechanism.

  • Blockchain Infrastructure

    • A decentralized, open-source system with smart contract functionality.

    • Secure and transparent environment for transactions and ownership recording.

    • Immutable records ensure high trust among investors in the MetaWealth ecosystem.

  • Scalability

    • Critical for platforms facilitating real estate transactions.

    • Ethereum 2.0 upgrades aim to enhance scalability through sharding and a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism.

    • Upgrades are designed to increase transaction capacity, reduce fees, and shorten transaction times.

  • Security

    • Paramount for tokenization and fractionalization of real-world assets.

    • Cryptographic techniques ensure transaction integrity, making data alteration virtually impossible without consensus.

    • Smart contracts automate transactions, minimizing human error and enhancing security.

  • Consensus Mechanism

    • Transitioning from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS) with Ethereum 2.0.

    • PoS offers a more energy-efficient and faster consensus process than PoW.

    • Validators create new blocks and confirm transactions based on the cryptocurrency they stake, reducing fraud and network attack risk.

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