Initial Development and Testing

  1. Conceptualization

  • Idea Refinement: Establish the core functionalities, benefits, and unique selling propositions of $AUM.

  • Market Research: Analyze the current landscape of blockchain, real estate tokenization, and staking derivatives to identify market needs and potential gaps.

  1. Technical Development

  • Smart Contract Development: Create robust, secure smart contracts for $AUM on the Solana blockchain.

  • Platform Integration: Ensure compatibility with real estate tokenization platforms and Solana blockchain infrastructure.

  • Security Measures: Implement high-level security protocols, including audits by reputable firms.

  1. Testing

  • Alpha Testing: Conduct internal testing for bugs and security vulnerabilities.

  • Beta Testing: Release a beta version to a limited user base for real-world testing and feedback.

  • Feedback Integration: Refine the product based on user input and testing outcomes.

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